Social Posting Social Posting feature is an important feature of Zoocial. With the feature, you can schedule and publish posts on Facebook, Instagram and other social media such as Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, WordPress(self-hosted), and Medium. You can schedule and publish multimedia post— text post, image post, video post — CTA post, Carousel/Video post, Link post, […]

eCommerce Ecommerce store is a special feature of Zoocial, the world’s best marketing software. With the feature, you can generate a virtual restaurant that will be opened both inside the Facebook Messenger and on the browser. Just after creating your virtual restaurant, it will provide you two QR codes– Messenger QR code and browser QR code. […]

In this how-to blog, I will show you how to create a campaign for broadcasting in Zoocial, the world’s best marketing application. To create a campaign for broadcasting, first, go to the dashboard of Zoocial. Then click on the menu called Broadcasting at the left-sidebar of the dashboard. And instantly, will appear a page that […]

In this blog, I will show you how to create Facebook Messenger bot and Instagram DM bot with Zoocial Flow Builder. Please follow the instructional blog step by step to create an interactive Facebook Messenger bot or Instagram DM bot. To build a bot, First, go to the dashboard of the Zoocial. Now click on […]

Zoocial, a chatbot-building platform, and multichannel marketing software, has recently presented a feature called Live Chat. On the Live Chat interface, you can see the recent conversations between your users and your Facebook page or Instagram account. Of course, on the Live Chat, you can directly converse via your Facebook page or Instagram account with […]

With the subscriber manager feature of Zoocial, you can see all of your subscribers. And you can scan subscriber lists and enable auto scan and search subscribers. Moreover, you can migrate page conversations as subscribers, download search results, assign labels to selected subscribers, and delete subscribers.Besides, you can create New labels on the page. First, […]

Comment Growth Tools The Comment growth tools is a fantastic feature of Zoocial. And you can easily use the feature. Just read the article and follow the commands, and “Comment growth tools” will be set to work instantly. Once the feature starts working, it will continue without your supervision until you stop it. The feature […]

API Channels API Channels section has covered all of APIs settings in one section and One can explore shortly what types of APIs need to be set up to make Zoocial complete.We have divided the APIs in Four Sections (also navigate in right side bar) which are as belows: Payment APIs Social Medias Email Autoresponder SMS […]

Facebook & Instagram Accounts Zoocial is mainly Facebook and Instagram based marketing application. Therefore, after Completing Facebook API Settings Properly, you have to import your Facebook and Instagram accounts to Zoocial. Importing Facebook and Instagram accounts into Zoocial is easy and straightforward. Just follow the instructions, and you can import Facebook and Instagram accounts in […]

Zoocial has a properly structured and precise dashboard that lets the user use the application’s different features efficiently. In one word, Zoocial’s Dashboard is designed in a way that users can run the application appropriately. Also, the Dashboard gives information with Graphical Analytics.