1.Connect Social Media

I- Facebook & Instagram

II) Other Social Media and Other Services

2.Create a chatbot

d) iv) Bot’s Normal Response (Preconfigured)

d) v) Bot’s Artificial Intelligence Response (AI)

1.Connect Social Media:

The first thing you should do is connect your social media accounts to Zoocial.


a) To do this, log in to your Zoocial account and click on “Facebook & Instagram” in the left menu, as shown below:

b) Click on “Login with Facebook”

c) Then follow the instructions to connect your Facebook page (you will need to log in to Facebook and select the desired Facebook Page).

*Tip: Remember to have your Facebook and Instagram accounts linked.


To set up other social media and services, follow the instructions below:

a) Click on “API Channels” in the left menu.

b) Click on the Social Media or Service to configure and follow its instructions. For example, to configure Twitter:

i) Select Twitter

ii) Click on “Import Account” on the right.

iii) Enter Twitter credentials.

iv) Confirm selection and linking.

**Tip: If you want to use a specific function in Zoocial that requires an API (for example, sending SMS messages, or integrating with OpenAI), you will need to configure the corresponding API. To do this, click on “API Channels” and select “Add new API”. Then, follow the instructions to add the necessary information for the API you want to use.

2.Create a chatbot:

Once you have configured your API (if applicable), you can start creating your chatbot using the “Flow Builder”. This tool allows you to visually design a chatbot using a drag and drop interface.

a) Click on “Bot Manager” on the left menu:

b) Select “Bot Flow Builder” in the Bot Manager section menu.

c) Click on “Create New Flow”.

d) Configure the logical sequence of your bot according to your needs. For example, to start the sequence and have your bot detect when it should start and how it should respond, you could try the following:

i) Select and drag “Trigger Keywords”, and place it to the left of the preconfigured bubble that says “Start Bot Flow”.

ii) Connect Trigger Keywords to “Start Bot Flow” with an arrow.

iii) Configure the Trigger Keywords on the right that will initiate interaction with the bot. For example, if you want your bot to respond when greeted with “Hi”, include that word as a trigger keyword. You can add more words as trigger keywords as long as they are separated by commas.

*Tip: Selecting “String Match” will allow the bot to identify those words even if the user has made a minor typing error, so it may be more recommended.

iv) Bot’s Normal Response (Preconfigured): Select and drag the “Text” bubble to the right of the “Start Bot Flow” bubble. Write the response text on the right, as shown below.

v) Bot’s Artificial Intelligence Response (AI):

*Remember that in order to use this function, you must first configure the OpenAI API as indicated in section 1) II) “Other Social Media and Services”.

To incorporate OpenAI’s AI into the Bot, follow these steps:

-Go back and in the “Bot Manager” section, select “General Settings”.

-Select “Reply if no match found”.

-Scroll down to the bottom and save by clicking “Save”.

-Go to the Bot Manager menu, and select “Action Button Settings”.

-Select “No Match Template”.

-Select the “Text” bubble, double-click it, and select “delete” to remove it (since we will replace it with the AI Reply bubble, and connect it with the arrow). Drag the AI Reply bubble and place it to the right of the “Start Bot Flow” bubble. Connect “Start Bot Flow” with the AI Reply bubble using the arrow.

-Finally, double-click the “AI Reply” bubble. On the right, you can train your AI with specific knowledge about your business and company. Click “Done”, Save the bot, and you’re done!

*Tip: Try to be as detailed as possible – the more your AI knows about your business, the higher quality response it can provide. Try to think of your AI as your new Sales Manager, it must be able to answer any inquiry regarding your business.

For example, if your business sells customized cups online, this could be an example training text for your AI:

At “TEACAPS” we sell custom cups to high-value clients. We don’t sell anything else other than cups. The materials of our cups can be wood and metal and nothing else. Customers can choose the colors. We ship worldwide through FedEx. Our personalized service hours are from Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. in the India time zone. We offer quantity discounts for purchases of more than 50 cups. We have distributors in the South of India throughout the country with delivery in less than 5 business days. Our phone numbers are: 444-4444-4444. Our email for inquiries is [email protected], and our email for after-sales is [email protected].

*IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to SAVE your bot when you finish configuring it, by clicking on the disk symbol on the right.